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Investor relations

NatPower Growth

Our company is at the forefront of creating investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

The challenge we are facing is to produce a large number of authorized solar and wind projects to meet market demand. In many countries, a series of permits and approvals must be obtained before a renewable energy project can be built and operated. These permits can be time-consuming to obtain and may require extensive documentation and analysis, such as environmental impact assessments, feasibility studies, and public consultations. Furthermore, there may be delays in obtaining permits due to regulatory or political issues, such as changes in government policies or disputes over land rights. These delays can cause project timelines to be extended, resulting in increased costs and potential revenue losses.
We are addressing the challenge of producing many authorized renewable energy projects by increasing the quantity of development projects we manage, as well as investing in new technologies and new markets. By doing so, we are expanding our team, resources, and capabilities to handle more projects simultaneously. Additionally, we are researching and implementing new energy technologies and exploring new geographic regions to find new opportunities to expand our business. 

Our strategy

NatPower is a pure development platform positioned at the beginning of the value chain and focused on the origination and development of renewable energy source (“RES”) projects up to RtB status. 

The key features of the business model are:

1. No construction risk and related capital deployment: the construction phase, which requires high capital expenditure, is characterized by high engineering and construction complexity. We also foresee a shortage of operators capable of providing high-quality services due to the future increase in demand for RES projects;


2. Revenue stream from success fees: finalization of the development process through M&A transactions with major stakeholders and investors (e.g., utilities, corporate funds, public companies) in the renewable energy industry;

3. High margins from development premiums: NatPower’s intention is to develop the asset and sell it at RtB status, the moment when the ratio between the illustrative sale price and its direct development costs is the highest in the entire project lifetime.