Press release

Press release
2024 | May 29th

NatPower H and Hyrex join forces to drive the greentransition in recreational boating

NatPower H and Hyrex’s hydrogen boat docks at the Venice Boat Show

Venice, 29 May 2024 NatPower H a NatPower Group company and leading international developer of pioneering infrastructure for green hydrogen production, storage and refuelling in the recreational boating industry, has teamed up with Hyrex, a Norwegian company that develops hydrogen propulsion technology, aiming to spearhead the transition towards more sustainable boating.

At the heart of this initiative lies the development of a zero-emission vessel powered by hydrogen propulsion technology, designed and installed by Hyrex and unveiled during the 5th edition of the Venice Boat Show. The 9.5-metre-long boat, fitted with two 8-kg hydrogen tanks for an impressive 20-hour autonomy, serves as a tangible testament to the readiness of this technology in welcoming hydrogen as a key component in the energy transition. The project represents a first, solid step in a broader collaboration dedicated to reducing the impact of the boating industry on the marine ecosystem to zero.

Natpower H’s project involves building the world’s first hydrogen refueling infrastructure for pleasure boating with a €100 million investment. The project, led by NatPower H with sustainable design by Zaha Hadid Architects, already involves 25 Italian marinas and ports. The first station will be installed at the Marina of Sant’Elena in Venice later this year.

NatPower H’s CEO, Andrea MInerdo, affirms, “Our presence at the Venice Boat Show with a zero-emission vessel underscores NatPower H’s expertise and unwavering commitment to a greener, more attentive and more sustainable future of sailing. A genuine, tangible and technologically ready scenario. A horizon that will be defined by the development of infrastructure for refuelling hydrogen-powered yachts and a sector primed for the green transition like never before.”

Hyrex’s CEO, Eirik Malterud, said “We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation in maritime technology – OceanDrive—the hydrogen propulsion system. This groundbreaking system is set to revolutionize the boating industry by providing a cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable way of exploring our waters. As we stand at the forefront of environmental consciousness, our hydrogen propulsion system not only signifies a significant leap towards reducing carbon emissions but also offers boaters a completely new and enhanced experience on the water. We are proud to be leading the charge towards a greener tomorrow, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and sustainability in creating a better future for our planet. Join us as we set sail towards a cleaner, more sustainable boating future.

NatPower H

NatPower H is the world’s leading developer of innovative infrastructure for the production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen. NatPower H is part of the NatPower Group, an independent developer of infrastructural projects for clean energy generation, providing support to enterprises, utilities and investors globally. The company, boasting one of the largest renewable energy project pipelines in the worldtotalling more than 30 GWdrives the energy transition process across all major technologies including solar, wind, storage and hydrogen. In just a few years, NatPower has secured its standing as one of the most prominent independent developers, with operations in seven different countries: Italy, UK, Kazakhstan, USA, Canada, Tunisia and Chile. With three offices in Milan, London and Washington D.C., the company has a workforce of more than 70 employees across three continents.

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Hyrex is a world leading Norwegian company developing hydrogen drive lines for small pleasure boats and commercial vessels for the maritime industry. Hyrex develop scalable systems from 30kW to MW solutions. Hyrex specialize in making compact advanced integrated solutions tailored to the demands of application.

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