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NatPower will be partecipate in the third time at the Elephant Charge, the Fundraising Event, the annual off-road challenge organized to raise funds to support wildlife and environmental conservation in Zambia through education and teaching local children and communities for future generations.

The beneficiaries are selected from organizations that carry out initiatives in the environmental education and conservation sector in Zambia, after passing a selection and vote by the committee.

Over the past 15 years, since its beginning, the event has raised over $1.600.000 which has been distributed to conservation organizations working across the country to protect people and land.

Each year, in a different region of Zambia, the teams meet to challenge each other, with cars and motorbikes, to complete a race across the Zambian savannah.

For the NatPower team, this is the 3rd year of this competition and, as in previous years, our car is a 4×4 electric vehicle, in line with our values and activities.

In past years, many conservation organizations have been reached and helped, here you can see how many achievements have been realized.

Here you can see all the achievements have been realized thanks Elephant Charge: https://results.elephantcharge.org/charges

Below is only a small part of the 26 projects reached by Elephant Charge:

 _Birdwatch Zambia provides a home for those interested in learning about and protecting Zambia’s bird life. BZ received 7 grants by the Elephant Charge totalling $91,605.

_Conservation Lower Zambezi is a non-profit organization committed to the protection of wildlife and to the sustainable use of natural resources. CLZ received 14 grants by the Elephant Charge totalling $214,508.

_Game Rangers International is a non-profit organization established in Zambia in 2008. GRI works to empower Rangers and Local Communities to conserve nature.
Game Rangers International has been provided 12 grants by the Elephant Charge totalling $121,880.

_Conservation South Luangwa is a non-profit. community based organization, committed to the conservation of the local wildlife and natural resources of the South Luangwa National Park and surrounding GMAs.
CSL has been provided 13 grants by the Elephant Charge totalling $144,938.

_Musekese Conservation is a newly established organization that provides resources as part of an efficient field conservation programme. This has an immediate impact on controlling the illegal and unsustainable of Zambia’s Department of National Parks.
MC received 5 grants by the Elephant Charge totalling $78,769.

_Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust Chipembele operates to teach Zambian children and local communities the value of wildlife and their environment so they may be conserved for present and future generations.
CWETrust received 13 grants by the Elephant Charge totalling $122,932.

_Zambian Carnivore Programme is a non-profit Zambian registered trust dedicated to the conservation of large carnivore species (African wild dog, cheetah, lion, leopard, hyaena), their prey, and the ecosystems they reside in.
ZCP has been provided 10 grants by the Elephant Charge totalling $89,462.

_Kasanka Trust is a non-profit responsible for the management, community development and tourism of Kasanka National Park and Lavushi Manda National Park in Zambia.
KT has been provided 12 grants by the Elephant Charge totalling $133,813.

_Children in the Wilderness is an environmental and life skills educational programme that focuses on the next generation of rural decision makers.
CW received 7 grants by the Elephant Charge totalling $43,535.

_Wildlife & Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia spearheads environmental awareness at all levels of the community, promoting the wise use of natural resources.
WECS has been provided 12 grants by the Elephant Charge totalling $334,232.

The event will be held on 30th September 2023.


30 Sep 2023

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